Women can’t resist, the most beautiful jewelry in the world

October 10, 2022

As a big benefit of girls, it is probably that they can wear all kinds of beautiful accessories. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, earrings and necklaces are always worn. There are also bracelets, rings, etc. When one is happy, one can also wear an anklet.

We can’t afford big jewelry brands, so we seldom go shopping. On the contrary, there are some niche independent designer brands of jewelry, which are unique in shape and not inferior in quality to famous brands.

1/Ali Munn

Ali Munn is an independent designer jewelry brand of the same name from Vancouver, Canada. Different from other brands because of the playful modern illustration elements in the accessories.

The most special is the design of the ring, which uses a lot of totem carvings, and the patterns are funny and interesting.

2/Logan Hollowell

From California, USA, it is the jewelry brand of the same name by designer Logan Hollowell.
Growing up in Outer Banks, North Carolina, Hollowell was fascinated by the natural elements of astrological charts and animal totems.

There are a lot of natural elements in the design, as well as elements of Native American and Egyptian culture. Delicate and romantic together.


The brand founded by Dutch designer Merrel Westthaff is inspired by ancient patterns and cultures, full of dark fantasies of ethnic minorities and exotics.

Monocrafft 3.0

Merrell Westhoff said: “Every piece of jewelry is [my warrior]”, all fighting for their own independent style.


Most of Monocraft’s jewelry materials are made of sterling silver, rose gold and gold, and people with sensitive skin will have no problem wearing them.


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